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We believe kitchens are the soul-centers for our homes. Food preparation binds us to friends and family building warm memories. As designers, our challenge is to plan for efficient function and beauty of this space, reflecting the priorities and values of the owner while honoring the integrity of the dwelling.

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We needed to replace an original 1920's kitchen - one with an actual ice box - in our home near Crocker Highlands, but had no idea how to begin. I learned about Carlene from a friend who had worked with her and had beautiful results. Carlene helps you completely rethink the space. It never occurred to me that we could fit an island into our small kitchen before working with her and now we use it *all the time*. We also opened up the breakfast nook, which had become a giant, messy pantry, and it is now seating space at a peninsula where the kids can do homework. We wanted to keep the aesthetic of our 1920's kitchen (we are in a small, bungalow-style house), but needed to bring functionali...